Galeries is Still Standing for Culture

Are you just passing by Cinema Galeries ?

Screenings, queuing on 20 February 2021.

If this Saturday you are in Brussels and you walk through the Galerie de la Reine, you will pass by a cinema that has been closed for 118 days. You will pass by a cinema that has been existing for 29,636 days.In 29,636 days, how many spectators have laughed, cried, thought, communed, exchanged in front of how many films, made by how many authors, technicians, played by how many actors, selected by how many programmers, distributors, screened by how many projectionists?

The cinema is the place where the bond between us all has been woven for 29,636 days and more. These last 118 days have put the bond to the test, so we must not let it be forgotten.

If this Saturday you are in Brussels and you are passing by the Galerie de la Reine and the cinema room bonds you with something, stop by for a few moments in front of the Cinema Galeries to meet us, to watch a some films that we will be showing in front of our doors, to read a bit of our news…

And if it’s the idea of seeing us that encourages you to take a walk through the Galerie de la Reine this Saturday, we invite you to take a pair of shoes with you and put them down in front of the cinema, as if to say that the link doesn’t break even if the cinema has been closed for 118 days.  The shoes not collected by you will be given to an association which will donate them to a person in need.

Queuing from 2pm until 2.45pm.
Screenings from 4pm.
Action “Choose for culture” all day long

*** Update 22.02.21


Wherever society continues to operate despite severe restrictions on freedom, we will do culture! In solidarity with all people and sectors affected by the epidemic and/or by the political reaction to it. As a plea for a covid approach that takes more account of social, psychosocial and economic risks, rights and freedoms. We are Still Standing!
That’s how, on February 20th, we celebrated World Day of Social Justice. To remember that the most vulnerable are suffering most in this crisis. Because this day makes more sense than ever. Offer your artistic skills or cultural activities to the city and to society. That is what we stand for.

“The cultural sector can no longer be satisfied with hearing that the health situation is allowing a gradual resumption of activities. For that would mean admitting that in a few weeks or months, the health situation will no longer allow this to happen… whereas it will still allow the supermarkets to operate. It is to a change of logic that we call.

Putting whole sections of society under a bell is no longer an acceptable strategy today: it accentuates social inequalities, generates long-lasting breakdowns between citizens, dangerously erodes social links and degrades the mental health of the whole population. This arbitrary policy applied without public debate, by ministerial orders, without consultation, without any time limit, must stop. We are not asking the government to “relax”, because this deceptive concept legitimizes this two-speed crisis management that we denounce. We are asking for a “rebalancing” of the measures, with a view to real solidarity. Words are important and we no longer want to be trapped by semantics.” @stillstanding.for.culture